Friday, February 24, 2012

The never ending

I am sure that most of you know by now but we are expecting another baby. Due in September. I have been SO So sick. I can't remember what it feels like to feel good. I am taking Zofran every 4 hours but it feels like it doesn't do much. Maybe it does and I would be in the sick looney bin without it. I still throw up 2-3 times everyday after 3 pm. If something doesn't sound really good to eat I CAN NOT eat it. This is no different then any other of my pregnancies but never the less, it sucks. I have been feeling rotten for over 5 weeks now and have at least 4-5 more before this will tapper off. If any of you feel like you have had the Flu for 10 weeks straight you know what I mean. That being said. I am also the worst blogger ever, I check my blog everyday but don't feel the urge to write anything. I would rather be asleep or at least laying in my bed. I just remind myself that I've done this 3 times before and "this too shall pass." Feel free to leave all the sympathetic comments you want. They would be appreciated. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,"I'll be back!" someday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A new chapter

We had a great time in Utah this summer. We didn't stay quite as long as we normally do because right before I left WA in July Tim and I went to look at a house in Yakima that was for sale. We had our eye on the house for a while and the price had dropped several times over several months. We found that it was a foreclosure and with interest rates so low we decided to put in an offer just to see what would happen.
There were 2 other offers that came in the next day so we thought there was no chance that we would get the house. A week or so later those offers dropped off and it was just us. WHOOPS,, we just bought a house. In the mean time I was in Utah and no one back in WA knew that this was happening. I did tell my Young Women's presidency after a couple of weeks when I knew that we were actually buying the house. Most of the rest of the ward didn't know until 2 weeks ago. My mom came home with me from Utah and in 2 days we had almost everything packed up and in the trailer. Our closing date kept getting delayed but we finally closed yesterday and are hoping to get the keys today, maybe Monday. The kids are all enrolled in their new school and quite excited. Only a little nervous. Tim and I are excited to have some space and some projects. Tim and Landon went to Spokane today to pick a couple of John Deere's. A tractor and a mower. I will post some Utah pics after the move!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

We went to Yellowstone National Park last week. We drove to Burley ID. To meet up with Tim's sister and Father who had flown in from Tennessee. WE had a nice dinner with Tim's aunt who lives in Paul ID and several of her kids. It was fun to see everyone. We slept there and then drove to West Yellowstone the next morning. We made it to the cabin/lodge/apartment we were staying in that afternoon. A family had built a big guest house over there garage and they rent it out. It can easily sleep 15 people. It was new and clean and very nice. On Tuesday we went into Yellowstone and saw lots of bison, one of which cause a major traffic jam that took FOREVER to get through. We stopped at a waterfall and then went to Old Faithful. I have never been there before so that was pretty exciting. We headed home had dinner and hit the hay. Wednesday, we spent more time at the cabin because we were all pretty tired, We took the kids in to the Bear and Wolf discovery center. That was pretty cool. We stayed for quite a while. They have a kids keeper program where kids can come in a help feed the bears so we decided that we would do that on Thursday. Thursday morning I think we went swimming at Hebgen Lake which surrounded the place we were staying like a horseshoe. We were in the middle. Thursday, I can't totally remember that day but we did go to the feed the bears that evening and Then we went to the Playmill Theater and saw High School Musical. That was good but we didn't get done until almost 11 pm and the kids were spent. Morgan fell asleep just after intermission. On Friday we headed back in Yellowstone Park but went North toward Norris Geyser Basin. We stopped along the way and some hot pots and the Artist Painter Pots. There were some minor to major meltdowns from kids this day stemming for total exhaustion. Saturday we packed up and Headed back to Burley. Tim's sister Tracy found this Family fun center in Rigby called the Riot Zone. We stopped there and got everyone wristbands to the whole place. $25 dollars for adults and $20 for kids. I think Morgan was free. I thought that was pretty good because it was all access all day. We got there at noon and played and played and played until after 9 pm. It was SO fun. There were not very many people there so we did whatever whenever. Also we has our own shady grassy picnic area for napping. My niece Emily and I ran over to Wendy's and got dinner for everyone. After we finally dragged our sad tired bodies into the car we decided to get pizza in Idaho Falls. We took it to the banks of the river where thw falls are and ate on the grass. It was really nice. We thought maybe we would see fireworks but they were not until the 4th so we headed out. We didn't get to Burley until 12:30 am on Sunday. SOOO TIRED!! We slept as much as we could and then packed up the kids and headed back to WA. Another nice 8-9 hour drive. It's nice to be home but it has been 2 days and we have yet to recover.

Playing by the river.

Norris Geyser Basin

One of the Bears and the Discovery Center

Feeding the Bears

Old Faithful erupting

Hebgen Lake

Tim's Dad, Sister Tracy and Cousins

Feeding a wild squirrel


View off of the front porch of the cabin
The rest of the pictures are of us playing at the Riot Zone in Rigby ID.