Friday, February 24, 2012

The never ending

I am sure that most of you know by now but we are expecting another baby. Due in September. I have been SO So sick. I can't remember what it feels like to feel good. I am taking Zofran every 4 hours but it feels like it doesn't do much. Maybe it does and I would be in the sick looney bin without it. I still throw up 2-3 times everyday after 3 pm. If something doesn't sound really good to eat I CAN NOT eat it. This is no different then any other of my pregnancies but never the less, it sucks. I have been feeling rotten for over 5 weeks now and have at least 4-5 more before this will tapper off. If any of you feel like you have had the Flu for 10 weeks straight you know what I mean. That being said. I am also the worst blogger ever, I check my blog everyday but don't feel the urge to write anything. I would rather be asleep or at least laying in my bed. I just remind myself that I've done this 3 times before and "this too shall pass." Feel free to leave all the sympathetic comments you want. They would be appreciated. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,"I'll be back!" someday!


Van Tassell said...

I love you!

casey said...

aw, I hope it starts getting easier! but just think of the cuteness that will come after this :) I love your kids!!!

Nancy Seljestad said...

Maybe the reward, for all that misery, is how gorgeous the children turn out??!! like their Mommy and Daddy! You all look like models!!
There is an end date so just keep on keepin' on!!
love you!!